Long Time No See

July 14, 2020
New Era Outlaws

July 14th, 2020 – Long time no see old friends, sorry for the absence. A lot sure has been happening in life. America is a very wild place to be. Trump verse Biden. Black Lives Matter. Antifa. Statues. George Floyd. CHAZZ/CHOP. Masks. COVID-19. Karen. Cancel culture. Businesses still closed. People are freaking out just a little bit. But at least we bring good news from our camp. We finished 100 Times A Day. Dr. Dream has begun. Worked on a couple of covers. Filmed some new footage. Kicking around music video ideas. The Synergy rig is back. The Ibanez RG550 has arrived. Things are looking up. Please take care of yourself and be kind to others, the world really needs it.

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